Using duofern roller shutters with homeassistant

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I use homeassistant as a front-end for home automation. It is really hackable, written in python and comes with support for a lot of devices. I chose it initially because it has mysensors support.

Last year I needed a solution for controlling roller shutters. Sadly most manufacturers that market in Germany are pushing their own proprietary solutions for home automation. While homeassistant supports a few of those via the proprietary gateways of the manufacturers, the gateways themselves can be very pricey. Additionally the installed roller shutters were belt-operated and the shutter was mounted in a steel case above the window. Unfortunately the hatches giving access to the roller shutter were so small that I ditched my initial plan of mounting a tube motor in the shutter roll.

Finally I found that german manufacturer Rademacher sells wall-mounted belt motors for Roller shutter operation (“Rollotron”). Some of these can be remote-controlled via “duofern”, a proprietary remote control protocol by the manufacturer. While homeassistant does not come with out-of-the-box support for this protocol, the Perl-based FHEM home automation project has support for these blinds via a usb stick sold by the manufacturer.

Duofern USB stick

I loathe perl, therefore I ported the rollotron-related sections of the GPL-licensed FHEM implementation to python. My python port can currently be found as pyduofern on bitbucket.

There is some documentation on how to get it to work with homeassistant in the subdirectory examples. Luckily the RF communication goes both ways, so homeassistant displays the current position of rollershutters regardless of whether they have been moved with manual controls or via homeassistant.

The whole thing is work in progress – in order to get it natively into homeassistant the next step would be to add it to pypi, but before I do that I would rather have it working with asyncio, because that is the way to do it for homeassistant.

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