Running wordpress in docker

The wife now also starts a blog. Time to play: This blog here is still set up the old-fashioned way, php and mysql running on the web server. But setting up a wordpress for her gives me a welcome excuse to play with docker. So there you go: For the simplified creation of vhosts for […]

Setting up pyduofern

I found asciinema and wanted to try it. So without further ado here is an asciinematized version of the readme of pyduofern:

Using duofern roller shutters with homeassistant

Zur Deutschen Version des Textes. I use homeassistant as a front-end for home automation. It is really hackable, written in python and comes with support for a lot of devices. I chose it initially because it has mysensors support. Last year I needed a solution for controlling roller shutters. Sadly most manufacturers that market in […]

Vectorized vortex clock

The Doctor Who intro features a vortex clock. Find it on youtube here (left of the two clips). I went through some pain to vectorize it in halfway decent quality in preparation of building a Doctor Who themed wall clock. In case anyone else wants an SVG version here is my amateur attempt. I know a lot […]

Dynamic pdfs with pdflatex and ocg-p

Ever since I saw the microtype manual, I wanted to have something similar. The amazing thing about it is that you can switch on and off different microtype options and observe the resulting PDF output, I now found the package ocg-p which allows to generate pdfs with dynamically switchable layers similar to the above. I built […]

Running an open WIFI hotspot in Germany

German legislation makes it difficult to run an open WIFI hotspot: Not only will the police possibly search your house if somebody decides to commit criminal acts using your connection, you will also be liable via Störerhaftung for copyright-“crime” committed using your connection. Despite the difficulties I am a big fan of offering open WIFI, and there is […]

Raspberry Pi – Ultrasonic Distance Sensor part II

Using python for the ultrasonic distance sensor from part one of this post in a project I realized: It is still too slow. In my project I record high queality video using the raspberry pi camera at high resolution. That puts quite some load on the IO. As a result, the timing needed for the […]