Vectorized vortex clock

Dr Who style vortex clock
SVG (click to enlarge)

The Doctor Who intro features a vortex clock. Find it on youtube here (left of the two clips). I went through some pain to vectorize it in halfway decent quality in preparation of building a Doctor Who themed wall clock. In case anyone else wants an SVG version here is my amateur attempt. I know a lot could be done to make the SVG way smaller (probably the image could easily fit into 1/10 the size). My main goal was to get something that prints decently with a laser printer to iron on an aluminum plate, and this SVG is sufficient for that purpose.

2 thoughts on “Vectorized vortex clock

  1. Dear Paul,

    Your work is amazing. The idea of a clock in a vortex represents perfectly the idea of endless time. I created a newspaper in wich I present a game called “the Vortex of procrastination” and I wanted to know if i could integrate your clock to figure tho “O” letter of the word “Vortex” Obviously, your name will be said as being the artist who created the original vortex and I will send you an exemplary of the final work printed of the newspaper by postal letter. Do you agree ? It would be an honor for me to publish your amazing work; I’m french, and live in Paris, my name is Xavier

    Congratulations for your talent

    1. Feel free to use the file without naming me. As I said in the text it’s merely a poorly vectorized version of the clock vortex in the intro to the popular BBC series Dr. Who, so I don’t claim any credit. I vectorized it because I was planning to make a wallclock version for myself but never found the time.

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