Revisions of Latex documents

Like lots of other people I have come to like latexdiff to highlight changes between versions of latex documents. It takes two latex files as input and outputs a new latex file, in which changes are highlighted. I use a lot of pgf/tikz for graphics and latexdiff will destroy tikzpicture code. To avoid that I […]

Pyorbit and numpy

On Wednesday I started looking into py-orbit (the orbit tracking code for python). In order to quickly see what happens with the particles I wanted to be able to directly access the particle coordinates as a numpy array. The builtin c functions will only give you a pointer to the particle array and the builtin […]

Fixing missing ia32-libs on Ubuntu 13.10

Some commercial packages (namely AftershotPro) still depend on the old 32 bits compatibility libs for ubuntu. The package is obsolete for a long time now as the new ubuntu distributions are compatible with 32-bits stuff from the start (at least that’s what I gather from various sources). For aftershot there were two approaches: Install the […]