Dynamic pdfs with pdflatex and ocg-p

Ever since I saw the microtype manual, I wanted to have something similar. The amazing thing about it is that you can switch on and off different microtype options and observe the resulting PDF output,

I now found the package ocg-p which allows to generate pdfs with dynamically switchable layers similar to the above. I built a demonstration which switches between a greek epigraph and its translation by clicking.

The code I used is the following, you can find the resulting PDF output here. The dynamic features only work in dedicated PDF readers (try opening with Acrobat):

\tikzset{external/export next=false}

\begin{tikzpicture}[node distance=3cm,every state/.style={fill=green!20},auto]
\draw[opacity=0] (-5,4)--(0,0);
\node[anchor=south east] at (0,0) { \toggleocgs{greek german}{I know that I know nothing}};
\node[anchor=north east] at (0,-0.2) { \toggleocgs{greek german}{\textit{Socrates}}};
\draw (-2,-0.1)--(0,-0.1);
\node[anchor=south east,font=\selectlanguage{polutonikogreek}] at (0,0) { \toggleocgs{greek german}{Οἶδα οὐκ εἰδώς.}};
\node[anchor=north east,font=\selectlanguage{polutonikogreek}] at (0,-0.2) { \toggleocgs{greek german}{\textit{Σωκράτης}}};
\draw (-2,-0.1)--(0,-0.1);