Server setup 1 (seafile vs OwnCloud)

Notice (27. Feb 2014): If you came here searching for “seafile lighttpd”: I wrote a comment on how to get it running on here, this article is only on my perceptions of seafile vs OwnCloud. In the aftermath of the revelations about NSA spying, a few friends and I decided to buy a hardware (as opposed […]

Platform independent, crude timing of code

I work a lot on MacOS where I write code that I want to use on linux later. Unfortunately some of the normal timing functions are missing on MacOS. I don’t quite remember which. So I have some crude platform independent code for timing c++ code. I am aware it does not really count the […]

Basseti-Earskine field calculation

Yesterday I needed code to calculate the electric fields of an elliptical two-dimensional Gaussian charge distribution. I decided to implement it in c++ using libcerf for the error function. I used the formula from the Accelerator Physics Handbook. Beware 1: using Mathematica your results will be noisy because when you create the w-of-z error function […]

Fourier transformation quick and dirty

I tend to forget how to recover a frequency spectrum from a series of data points using the FourierSeries (read as: I forget how to compute the frequency corresponding to a specific channel in the fourier series). To stop me from forgetting I came up with the following quick and dirty module. It takes a […]

Neat plots with Mathematica

For several years now I am frustrated with how Mathematica plots look. They are sufficient to get an impression of what your data might look like, but they are as far from publication quality as a plot can get. While it is relatively easy to change how a plot looks, the PlotLegends package that comes […]

Tune / Resonance diagram

In Accelerator physics you often need a Tune diagram to display machine tunes. A quick Google search gave me no readily available Mathematica code for drawing one, so I came up with a Mathematica notebook that produces graphics similar to the following diagram: The Mathematica notebook and package I used to generate the diagram can […]