Raspberry Pi – Ultrasonic distance sensor

For a current hobby project I need an ultrasonic distance sensor. They work by sending a short pulse of ultrasound and measuring the time $t$ it needs to get reflected back from the first obstacle. A nice introduction can be found here. The distance traveled by the sound $d$ can then be calculated from a […]

PDF-OCR: Sorting documents into searchable PDFs

I’v gotten rid of paper at home by installing an automatic scanner/OCR/document sorting system on based on an all-in-one printer-scanner and a raspberry pi. For years I’ve been struggling to keep up with bureaucracy. I do really dislike everything to do with official papers. In most years that meant that I would just briefly read […]

Raspberry Pi – Animated temperature plot

For the Christmas party yesterday I was asked to bring a large pot. The contents were supposed to be, as is customary in Germany mulled wine (Glühwein). Mulled apple wine in this case. Besides a pot we needed a hotplate which was brought by a colleague. Well, having mulled wine on a hot plate has […]